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Argentina is divided into four regions with
different gastronomic customs: The northwest
region has preserved more ancient traditions of Both the Incas and the Hispano-Creoles than any other region because it has received fewer imigrants.It is the zone of the carob tree, the corn, the potato, the chili, and the llama, the zone of simple meals.

– The northeastern area has a Guarani influence. These Indians based their meals on manioc and pumpkin, on fruits such as mamon or papaya, on their creole cheese and on the exuberance of the fish of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers. The aborigines of this area knew the medicinal properties of all the plants of the jungle

-The central zone is the zone of partridges,
rheas, and vizcachas, and, after the conquest,
the zone of succulent roasts.


-The Spaniards brought he cattle, the wheat, the stew, the empanadas, and the sweets. Later came the English, the Germans, and finally the Italians, with their pastas, pizzas and sauces.

-The area of the Patagonian plateau of Araucanian influence, is the area of the pehuén and the guanaco and after the Spanish conquest, also of the horse and the sheep, is the area of the very long Atlantic coast with its seafood. It also had its immigration: the Germans of the area of Bariloche who produced jams of native strawberries, raspberries and calafates, and prepared hunting grounds for deer and wild boars and the Welsh of Gaiman with their black cakes, and the Welsh of Gaiman with their black cakes.

-The Jesuits who grew apples in the Rio Negro valley also arrived. The trout and salmon from the rivers, along with the big game animal, are prepared with European recipes.

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The experiences in Malevo fill us with satisfaction, that’s why we share them.

  • Argentino 100%!!! Excelente! Empanadas, carnes y postres que hacen honor a la comida Argentina puesto que conservan la esencia intacta. La atención de los chicos es impecable y cercana! Altamente recomendable para los que quieran degustar la gastronomía de ese país!

    Facundo Muñoz Avatar Facundo Muñoz
    mayo 20, 2024

    Me encanta!!! El sabor, la atención y el ambiente. Siempre quiero volver.

    daniela villegas Avatar daniela villegas
    mayo 14, 2024
  • Restaurante argentino en El Poblado de Medellín. El Ambiente es agradable pero, para el costo, la comida me pareció bastante promedio. Pedí una bondiola. Espero darle una segunda oportunidad con otro plato más adelante. Por ahora siento que no es equiparable la relación calidad de la comida precio.

    Manolo Villota Avatar Manolo Villota
    abril 21, 2024

    Excellent steak house on busy street with great atmosphere...much better than Provenca area. The menu is extensive and the food excellent...highly recommend the lomo. The staff were friendly and did not rush me..I was very well taken care of by Pablo Vives. A great evening all round.

    Room Avatar Room
    abril 21, 2024
  • Très bon restaurant argentin ! Les serveurs sont super sympas et les viandes excellentes ! L'endroit est calme, la terrasse est très bien. Pour deux, nous avons payé 260 000 pesos pour un mojito et un soft, deux empanadas, deux viandes dont une importée d'Argentine, un verre de vin et un café.

    Alexis Paulay Avatar Alexis Paulay
    abril 21, 2024

    The food overall was good. The empanadas were the best I've had in Colombia.

    Alex Lopez Avatar Alex Lopez
    abril 21, 2024
  • Excelente comida y servicio. Absolutamente recomendable y Pablo, el mozo que nos atendió, súper simpático.

    Karina Bellomo Avatar Karina Bellomo
    abril 21, 2024

    Excelente .. por mejorar el calor

    Alejandro Martínez Torres Avatar Alejandro Martínez Torres
    abril 21, 2024
  • The meat was delicious 😋!

    Wiss S Avatar Wiss S
    abril 21, 2024

    Authentic Argentinian food and of course excellent meat !!!! We went on a bust night and the service was very good. Enjoy the empeñadas , meat balls, and salchicha to start and any of the meat dishes are delicious and of good quelite! The photos weren’t taken fast enough so they show almost empty plates !!!!!!

    Michael Avatar Michael
    abril 21, 2024
  • Buen restaurante de parrilla argentina. Tienen excelentes cortes y el servicio es muy bueno

    Jose Luis Gonzalez P Avatar Jose Luis Gonzalez P
    marzo 21, 2024

    Great experience. Empanadas were the best I’ve ever had (especially the Cordero). The tri-tip steak that was imported from Argentina was cooked to perfection. Service was excellent and the waiter offered great recommendations

    Hidden Gem Avatar Hidden Gem
    marzo 21, 2024
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Malevo Restaurant

Inviting you to Malevo is not an invitation to just another restaurant, it’s inviting you to our house in Medellin, our new home away from Argentina. Every dish and every song that sounds is a trip to grandma’s kitchen, to the family recipes, the grill and its folklore, the traditional Fonda Porteña, the culture from north to south of our country and the flavors of our history. That’s what we want to convey and share with you, that mixture of nostalgia and joy that cooks in our fires every time we open the door of our home, welcome to Malevo.

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We invite you to a gastronomic tour through the flavors of our Argentine homeland.


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